Flower Full Moon

Flower Full Moon

May is here, and with it comes a truly magical full moon – the Full Flower Moon! 
This moon gets its name from a beautiful story – a time when the ancient God and Goddess unite, bringing explosive growth and vibrant life back to the world after winter's slumber.
Imagine it! Nature bursting with color, flowers blooming everywhere, and the feeling of possibility hanging heavy in the air.

This is the energy of the Full Flower Moon – a potent time to see the results of your spiritual work blooming into reality.

This moon loves positive intentions and practices that celebrate love in all its forms. Just be aware, this moon can also amplify your emotions, both good and bad. So if you're feeling a little intense, that's okay! It's just the powerful energy of the Full Flower Moon at work.

Think of it as a cosmic fertilizer – emotions, dreams, and new beginnings are all getting a boost this month! This is a fertile time to plant the seeds of your desires and watch them flourish.
This moon isn't just about growth, it's about inspiration and beauty too. So take some time to soak it all in. Go for a walk under the moonlight, create some art, or simply appreciate the magic of the season.

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to help you connect with this powerful Full Flower Moon, we've got some amazing suggestions coming right up!


Ritual for the Full Flower Moon

Let's create a beautiful ritual to connect with the magic of the Full Flower Moon. Imagine this moon as a cosmic spotlight, illuminating your deepest desires and helping them flourish.

First things first, gather some stunning seasonal blooms. Tulips bursting with color, delicate cherry blossoms, or bright daffodils – anything that speaks to your soul! Arrange them on your altar, a special space where you can connect with your inner world.
Now, grab a red ribbon or a piece of paper. On it, write down your intention with love and clarity. Maybe it's a new creative project, a deeper connection with loved ones, or simply a desire for more joy in your life.
Next, fill a bowl with clear, clean water. As you gently add your chosen flowers, imagine their essence infusing the water. This will be your very own moonlit potion, infused with the power of intention and nature's magic.
Carefully place your written intention in the bowl. Close your eyes, and if you can, find the Full Flower Moon in the night sky. If not, visualize its radiant light bathing the earth. Feel the energy of growth and possibility gathering in your flower water.
Light one of two red candles you've placed on your altar. As the flame flickers, gently stir your moonlit potion, infusing it with fire's transformative energy.
Now, settle into a comfortable position and meditate on your intention. You can use a guided meditation, or simply allow the image of your desire to bloom brightly in your mind.
When you feel complete, take the bowl outside or place it near a window where it can soak in the moonlight's gentle touch. Gently extinguish the candle, letting the darkness hold your intention as the moon nurtures it.

Remember, the Full Flower Moon is a time for growth and positive change. With this ritual, you've planted the seeds of your desire. Now, nurture them with faith and let the magic of the universe help them blossom into reality.

Journaling Prompts for the Full Moon


The Full Flower Moon is a time of abundance, and what better way to tap into that juicy energy than by cultivating gratitude? Grab your journal and let's explore the beauty that surrounds you.

Ask yourself:

During the past few months, what has happened to me that I can feel grateful for?
What obstacles and challenges have taught me valuable lessons recently?
What do I appreciate most about myself, body, and spirit?
What are my most loved qualities?
What are my most beautiful memories of the past few months? What did I appreciate most about that moment?
In what ways is abundance manifesting in my life?
What small miracles happen in my world every single day?
What signs and coincidences have manifested recently?

Mantras for the Full Moon According to Zodiac Signs

The Full Flower Moon's energy is powerful, but it affects each zodiac sign in a unique way. Here's a special mantra to help you blossom according to your sign:

Aries: My relationships bring me joy and happiness. I approach with kindness and patience.
Taurus: I accept gratitude and admiration for my ideas, work, and contribution.
Gemini: Creativity, inspiration, and passion flow within me effortlessly.
Cancer: Every day I get closer to my ideal home. I allow myself to rest, sleep, and take care of myself.
Leo: I am constantly ready. Joy and enthusiasm guide me in fulfilling my dreams.
Virgo: I manifest powerfully and am ready to receive beyond measure.
Libra: I am deeply connected to my Higher Self. I love and honor myself as I do others.
Scorpio: I embrace my healing process. I allow my ancestors and guides to inspire every step of my path.
Sagittarius: Following my dreams brings change, progress, and even new opportunities.
Capricorn: I am guided by Grace, Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity wherever I go.
Aquarius: I am capable of magical things. I am open to expanding my beliefs and navigating the unknown.
Pisces: I let go of all ties that keep me away from my dreams. I transform all negativity into love and growth.

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This moon is a time for growth and abundance, let us guide you towards manifesting your dreams.

Thanks for watching, and remember to be kind to yourself as you are the most important relationship ever in your life.

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