Do THIS before the Pink Full Moon 2024

Do THIS before the Pink Full Moon 2024

This April Full Moon, called the Pink Moon, brings an energy of grounding, stability and growth.
It's an opportunity for introspection and working on personal growth, perfect to take some time to relax and recharge.

Remember that there's no right or wrong way to work with the Full Moon, so feel free to take only what works best for you out of this video.
Let’s begin.


Grounding and Connection

It's time to take a step back and connect with the Earth and your own physicality: spend time in nature, meditate or do yoga, walk barefoot on the grass.

Ask yourself:
How can I connect with the earth and my physicality?
What practices help me feel grounded and secure?
Is there any area of my life where I feel unstable or insecure?

Growth and Abundance

This energy invites us to plant the seeds for our personal and spiritual growth.
Visualize your goals and desires, write a gratitude list, create a mandala or vision board.

Ask yourself:
What seeds do I want to plant for my personal and spiritual growth?
What do I believe I deserve to receive in abundance?
Are there any obstacles preventing me from achieving my abundance?

Creativity and Practicality

It's time to unleash your creativity in a practical and tangible way.
Dedicate yourself to a creative project that you’re passionate about, plant seeds or tend to your plants, cook a special meal.

Ask yourself:
How can I express my creativity in a practical and tangible way?
Is there any project that I am passionate about and that I would like to pursue?
How can I use my talents to create something beautiful and useful?

Values and Priorities

The Pink Moon invites us to reflect on our most important values and to live in line with them. Make a list of the things you are grateful for, set intentions for the future.

Ask yourself:
What are my most important values?
Am I living in line with those values?
Is there anything I need to change to prioritize what is truly important to me?

Empower Your Journey

The April Full Moon is a powerful invitation to connect with your inner wisdom and plant the seeds for growth.
Embrace this energy by taking time for yourself, honoring your intuition and prioritizing what truly matters.

Do you feel a surge of inspiration under the Pink Moon's glow, but unsure where to take those feelings?
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Thanks for watching and remember to be kind to yourself as you are the most important relationship ever in your life.

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